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The future is here. And it's powered by voice.

“What’s Voice Search Optimisation?”

“How do I get people to find my voice app?”

“What search terms should I be using?”

Build once, deploy everywhere.

Alkira's voice tech - our "secret sauce" if you will - allows you build a voice app for your business and deploy across multiple digital assistants. Regardless of whether it's Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby or Apple Siri, we have the ability to reach all of your customers on whatever device they're using.

“Ok Google, talk to Dan’s. I want to buy an mixed dozen.”

“Alexa, launch Woolies and ask about my delivery.”

“Hey Cortana, check with CarSales for Toyota Hilux’s available to buy around here.”

“Siri, what’s the cheapest flight to Sydney on Thursday?”

Better, faster, cheaper.

We built our tech from the ground up, which allows us to develop and deploy voice apps faster than anyone else in the market at a price that can't be matched. How fast? Think weeks, rather than months. How much? Fractions of what you spend on your website and mobile apps.

There's never been a better time to "dip your toe" into the voice app water and build a great experience for your customers, helping to capture new people and build loyalty with existing ones.

“Can you recommend something special for Father’s Day?”

“What’s my points balance?”

“Find me a great chicken recipe”

No tech team required.

Unlike dealing directly with Apple, Google or Amazon, working with Alkira doesn't require large project teams and extensive and lengthy tech builds. Instead, we can tap in to existing APIs and datasets, as well as simply reading the information on your existing website and from that deliver a rich, deep, interactive voice experience that provides real value to your customers.

“Tell me about the latest Secret Selection offer”

“Excellent choice. This week we have a single vineyard McLaren Vale Shiraz 2013 vintage. Smooth, hints of black currant and blueberry. Only $34.90 per bottle for members, normally $89.99.”

“That sounds great! Add 6 to my cart”

It makes sense to work with Alkira

Tech that works

We built our voice tech stack from the ground up. We've been working in voice from the start. We're a tech company first, not a digital or marketing agency. We're experts in this space.

Full data control

You always own the data and you have full control over analytics as well as access to detailed dashboards showing you exactly how your customers are using voice to interact with your business.

Monitored and optimised

We're always working to optimise the voice user experience, which means that we're always monitoring how customers are using voice to talk to your business. Small tweaks here and there can deliver a richer, better customer voice experience.

Conversational UX experts

It's a completely new field, and we're writing the book. Words matter. Which is why we've become experts in invocations and conversation design in this era of digital assistants.

Be quick. Be first.

Voice Search Optimisation (VSO) matters. Being first with a great voice experience helps drive traffic to your website or contact centre, helping to generate new business and keep existing customers happy.

Doesn't cost the earth

The more voice apps we build, the more people learn about great voice experiences. Which leads to us building more great voice apps. It's a wonderful circle. So our pricing is on point.

We love to talk about voice

How much does it cost to build an amazing voice experience? It depends on what data and information you want to present to customers. Not everything translates well to a voice app. One thing is for sure: it costs far less than building a website or mobile app, because we’re tapping in to content and data that already exists.

It’s just about turning that information into a conversation. And that’s where we excel.

We’d love the opportunity to meet and show off our tech in person.

If our initial pitch looks this good, imagine how great it will be working with us!

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